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Just waiting to see if a similar withdrawal will go through to RBC Bank.The answer may render this thread irrelevant for excessive US to Canada Paypal transaction fees.I am assuming that you are using the Canadian account and using the US transit number.I had made a few attempts link this account to Paypal but the test payments Paypal sends to confirm an account exists.I had a USD account set up at CIBC from when we did our new car import of our 2011 Subaru Outback from the USA last year.To have to pay an addition fee to transfer or convert each time would really suck.

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Once you do this you should be able to transfer your US dollars to your Canadian based USD account.As far as I can see I have to setup an account with TD Bank (the US physical bank ) and then figure out how to transfer the funds from there to Canada.All of these posts could have been avoided if the first Paypal rep I talked to would have just dug into it more and told me what the second one told me about the address.

This past Friday, I decided to give it another shot and adding the account finally worked.Hi All, I am looking for someone who can consistently create 3D realistic renderings of homes.I called Paypal and after a long and frustrating conversation, they finally looked into it deeper and found that the reason my withdrawals were being refused is that my paypal address did not match the address I had associated with my bank account.I only learnt this when I tried Adding an Account live with a Paypal assistant over the phone.View up-to-the-minute currency rates to convert from US Dollars (USD) to Canadian Dollars (CAD).I thought I had tested this before but the numbers always favoured the credit card.

I recently realized that PayPal does not transfer at the exchange rate that is supposed to be.For instance, I deposited 600 USD to my PayPal account from Bank of America.Irritated, called RBC bank, who told me it should have worked just fine.I called PayPal and they mentioned they are having some glitches in their system and will notify me once its been rectified.Just wondering though, is your name on paypal totally different or just slightly different from RBC.I have used that with Scotia Bank to do US wire transfer from e-trade.

This solution worked great for a larger transfer for me, Txs Sustainable.Then I put the branch number and account number as a single long string of digits and PayPal seemed to accept it as a US bank.From selling virtual gaming items to selling real world things on eBay to bloggingmany Canadian bloggers are receiving payments via Paypal.I would really like to hear if others are experiencing difficulties with RBC.

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I opened a USD account with RBC today, however when I entered the information on paypal as you so kindly instructed, I did not get a confirmation from paypal that they sent the deposits.I am reaching 60 so the Canadian account is free but the US account has a fee.Will that routing number 026004093 work with my RBC canadian usd account OR my RBC US usd account.Real time exchange rates, highly accurate. 25.50 Canadian Dollar to US Dollar, 25.50 CAD to USD Currency Converter.

Paypal is an American company, but a great way to collect fees from advertisers, customers and clients.

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I am calling Paypal now to ask that they RElaunch the confirmation deposits but specifying Savings instead of Chequing.Do you get a much better deal than that with knightsbridge or xetrade.RBC has decided to stop doing these manual corrections and instead force the customer to properly link the account to Paypal.

I decided to call them again after hearing that I have to go into RBC to get some kind of form.Does anyone know if this approah using RBC will work for Euros to CAD.

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I applied on Friday and was approved on Monday, when they gave me the routing number and account number.

USD CAD - Currency Exchange From US Dollar To Canadian Dollar With USD CAD Rate, USD CAD Converter, USD CAD Chart And USD CAD History along with converting USD.Will leave it to the readers to validate which work and which do not.I set up my bank account on Thursday last week, made the transfer to RBC from my PayPal account the same day and the funds literally showed up on Friday and I made a withdrawal.After reviewing numerous methods posted by other people trying to save money I realized that Canadian Forex is the absolute best method.I would like to know before going to RBC and opening a bank account.

I had to use a US Paypal account (when registering, the address had to be in the States).You will ask the branch officer to open a RBC US Dollar account.The Swift Code worked but combining the transit and account number did not work.

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And then withdraw from my USD Paypal account to my USD RBC savings account.I choose figuring the Canadian checking option would work, but the US one might have the best chance.At tax time you can still have incurred a business expense either way.

I did not even have to wait till I had money is paypal, just added the account selecting us bank, writing in Royal Bank of Canada (choose option to enter bank name manually) entering the routing code.I also have a US shipping address that is registered with PayPal.To accomplish this you need to answer the 5 digit transit number and the actual account number.

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Requires a signature card and IRS form (formality to declare your tax exempt status with them that is filed with the bank and not the IRS).So why pay the higher fee and take profit out of your business.Sustainable finance has addressed the problem, and presented a great workaround.