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A traditional Christmas confection, in which dried fruits (dates and prunes mostly) have their pit replaced with a piece of brightly colored marzipan.Tarte tatin (f) fruit pie (traditionally made with apples) baked with the crust atop the fruit, but flipped before serving.Compote (f) a dessert made of fruits cooked slowly with sugar or syrup.

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Pot-au-feu (m) a stew of beef with carrots, onions, turnips, and leeks.Verrine (f) a ball jar used in canning. (f) any dish served in a jar or glass.

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Beaufort (m) firm cow cheese from the area of Beaufort, in the French Alps.Clafoutis (m) a simple, grandmotherly dessert in which a pudding batter (usually made of flour, sugar, milk and eggs, sometimes butter) is poured over fruit (most commonly cherries, to make clafoutis aux cerises ) and baked.It is traditionally served in thin shavings, cut from the top of the cheese with a rotating knife planted in the center of the wheel.

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Potimarron (m) winter squash with a delicate chestnut flavor.

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The term is now used, more broadly, for traditional restaurants that are larger than bistros and offer a longer menu served around the clock (choucroute, grilled meat, shellfish platters, etc.). Bresaola (f) air-dried Italian beef.

Calisson (m) an almond shaped confection from Aix-en-Provence, made with almond paste, sugar, and crystallized melons, with wafer paper at the bottom and a crisp sugar glaze on top.Tartine (f) originally, a slice of bread, toasted or not, with something spread on it, usually eaten for breakfast.

Also: a general term for the drinks and savory nibbles served before dinner.Mendiant (m) a disk of chocolate topped with dried fruit and nuts.

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Orangette (f) a chocolate confection in which a strip of candied orange rind is dipped in dark chocolate, sometimes with chunks of almonds.The most classic example is steak tartare, made with raw beef, but the term is also used for preparations of raw fish or vegetables.

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Literally: lullaby, because of the rocking movement made while using it.Charlotte (f) a no-bake dessert in which the mold is lined with ladyfingers, then filled with layers of fruit, and layers of custard or fromage blanc. (f) a variety of small potatoes, tender-fleshed and sweet.The name comes from pissalat, a condiment made with pureed anchovies, cloves, thyme and bay leaves, which was traditionally spread on the tart before baking.

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Also used, by extension, for vegetables or meat cooked the same way.Fromage blanc (m) a smooth, unsalted fresh cheese, similar to yogurt.Chouquette (m) a golf-ball-sized pastry puff sprinkled with pearl sugar.

The dough rises in the oven to form a characteristic bump which is, to some, the tastiest part of the madeleine.